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How to play?

Who said that? If you can't explain something simply, you don't understand it well enough.

"The guy with the haircut as if he had a close encounter with lightning. He was famous for being good at physics, and he often said that E = mc2"

Exactly, it was "Albert Einstein" and we just introduced you to the essence of the game.

You divide into 2 teams, choose a set or create your own, e.g. from a return material from history, about the concepts of philosophy or the heroes of Stranger Things.

Additionally, each of you can add words or phrases separately to make the game more interesting! Optionally, choose the so-called the game master, which accepts the words for the game, keeps the order and the course of the game.

You translate the phrases one by one with your own words, without using the name directly, so that your teammates guess them as quickly as possible, and you get a point for each guess. After a while, a new round and the opposing team play.

Of course, you can also set details such as: game time, number of points to which the game is played, response time, maximum number of words rejected.

Simple and brilliant, right? :)